I am currently stuck in traffic. No accident, nothing. Just a traffic jam due to a large number of cars.

I am visiting Malaysia from Singapore, at a time when Malaysians are heading home, and Singaporeans are popping by for a meal.

Traffic jams can be common in most countries, but not so in Singapore.

That’s because Singapore impose a high cost to owning a car. A car probably cost 5 times more than any other parts of the world. Buying a regular Toyota in Singapore equals to owning a Audi in other countries. Yup. But the good thing is, it regulates the number of cars on the road. Singapore is a pretty small country. Road space is limited. You won’t want to buy a car, and then spend half of your day in traffic. The car ownership system, although pushes the car prices up, makes me feel grateful in times like this, when I am stuck in a traffic jam.

Traffic jam is notorious in Jakarta. That has been what I have been hearing. And I got the lucky chance to experience that once, on a holiday to the city. It’s just a way of live.

Jams can be pretty common in Seoul too, especially during peak hours and weekends. That’s probably because most families own a car, since majority of the wealthy Koreans live in Seoul. And taxis are generally affordable.

I personally has not experienced traffic jams in Tokyo, and that’s because I take the efficient subway most of the time. Cabs are also very expensive, probably 2-3 times as compared to Singapore and Seoul, which helps to reduce the traffic and gets to your destination on time whenever you need to take one.

For now, I will hope that traffic clears up soon, and will go entertain myself with my Nintendo Switch. Thankful I am not the driver now.

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