I have been playing FIFA for years. Up to 5-6 years ago, the AI is pretty easy to beat. Once you understand the patterns, you will know the best way to defend, and the ideal few ways to score.

To up the difficulty and stop fans from complaining about how easy the game is, EA Sports ramped up the difficulty in recent years. And many players are now complaining that it is too hard.

Now, there will also be good FIFA players and regular FIFA players. Good FIFA players are usually the top YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

They have had the game figure out. They know how to control the players well, the best formations to use, how to leverage on the game mechanics. They usually don’t bother with AI, and spend most of their time playing online.

Perhaps some top online players can’t beat legendary AI, but that’s not really our problem. They can play however they want.

For regular players who play casually and have no aim of turning pro, we are stuck in between world class and legendary difficulty. World class is quite easy once you get the hang of it, while legendary is brutal.

There are also discussions that the AI is scripted, designed to let you win in certain games and stop you from scoring no matter what you do in others.

I definitely can understand where that comes from. I usually win my first game after launching the game. It seems like the game wants you to win, so that you will keep playing. Maybe it is just my brain being fresh and being able to conjure good attacking moves since it’s my first game, who knows. Well the thing is, once I go on a winning run of 2-3 games, I will lose a game. Against a relatively weak team. In this game, no matter what I do on the field (possession / long shots / crosses etc), shots will hit the post, or their goalkeeper will be unbeatable. And I will concede somebody lame goals that cause me to lose the game.

And if you lose 2-3 games in a row, you can somehow win the following game although you are playing like crap against a strong team, scoring goals that you didn’t really work hard for.

So yea, it does seem like the game is scripted, to make things interesting for you, to avoid you from going on a long winning or losing run, to avoid you from being bored either because it’s too easy or too hard.

Is that really the case? I won’t know. We won’t know. That will be a long debate.

I have another thought.

I believe that the game is scripted, slightly, in the sense that you can’t keep doing the same things and expect to win every game.

Most players (or at least me) are lazy to adjust tactics for every game. And I feel that the game punishes lazy players. I find that if I don’t adjust my tactics after 2-3 games, my players will perform badly, and I will lose games.

It seems like FIFA wants you to adjust your formation and tactics, in order to maintain your winning run.

And it makes sense in the real world.

Teams play different against each opponent. And if you keep doing the same stuff every game, your opponent will be able to scout you and counter your moves.

Perhaps EA Sports is trying to mimic this.

And the only way they can punish us for it, to deny us the victories, is to make our shots hit the posts, make our players run slow, and have our opponents play like gods and score crazy goals.

So the next time you are finding it hard to play well in a match, try switching your formation. Try adjusting your Attacking / Defending philosophy. Try substituting a few players in. Try adjusting the player’s instructions.

Check out your opponents formation, observe their style of play on the field, and make adjustments accordingly.

Do their wingers get a lot of space? Get your team to defend wider and keep your wing backs at the back instead of making forward runs.

Is your opponent spliting your defense with through balls and fast strikers? Get your team to drop deeper.

Make a few adjustments to your tactics, whether before a game or during the game when things are not working well, just like in real life.

Doing this is much better than complaining that the game is rigged or broken.

Such adjustments have worked well for me. Perhaps it might work for you too.

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