2018 was one of the most craziest year in my life, in a positive way. It was the most adventurous, and honestly speaking most of my decision was not logic, which I was always pursuing in my life.

The biggest accomplishment I have done is, as you can see at the title, dating “Wagukin(Foreigner in Korean)” who first started to create this blog. The second thing I have done was that I have traveled with this guy oversea (3times a year to Tokyo, Singapore). The craziest, and fun decision I have made is to get married to this “Wagukin”, who doesn’t speak Korean at all, do not know about anything about Korea, but tries to know about me, cares about me, and loves me.

Okay, I think I am similar to my boyfriend. Not making the point at first few paragraphs. (LOL) However, the reason I wanted to write about dating foreigner as Korean, is just because “I never have seen the post from the point of view from Korean girl”. I don’t think many of the population fluently speak English yet, which means that there is not much story related to “Dating Wagukin” in Korea. Especially I have realized that when I was ‘Navering‘, (We don’t use Google, in Korea.) I have realized that there is 5post only, whereas in Google there were several posts, which seemed to be posted by guys.

So let’s start from here. Will share about me first, so that everybody can have a baseline of all this story.

I am a typical “Gangnam girl”. Yes, the “Gangnam of ‘Gangnam style'”. In a good aspect, it is one of the prosperous regions in Korea, and I have been living here for 20years, after living overseas for 8~9 years. However, it is one of the most conservative regions, as everybody can assume easily. I was affected a lot from the people here, which means I was not really thinking about myself, I was focusing on others opinion a lot. This affected my choice of university, choice of my past date, choice of my dream job, choice of whether I want to be myself or girly girl, which was not a healthy mindset. So this was untill 2017 of me.

Stunning night view of Gangnam

Then how this relates to “Dating Wagukin”?

It is just almost impossible to date wagukin, and marrying wagukin. Parents generally oppose, (Which didn’t happen in my case, because of help from my aunt, and lucky that my parents had experience living overseas in their 30s.) which most of the couple has to end up with break up. (LUCKY US) But, don’t be sad although there is challenge with your Korean girl/boy. Will let you know the reason!

The biggest reason might be 2things. First of all, Korea in general, although it is not Gangnam, it is super conservative. We are under strong Confucianism(although we have a lot of freedom in religion), in cultural part. We even have a different way of talking to elders, and we even have some of the steps when we eat or drink soju(Korean alcohol). The common mindset from the parent’s generation point of view, of marrying to other nationality is invading our ethnic. The second part will be communication. Korea as a conservative country, “family” is really important. However, imagine if the son in law cannot speak the language. (No language, Cannot feel any respect for authority)

Things I have founded from Google which describes about confucianism.

So in short, it is mainly a cultural thing in my opinion. This translated to “As long as by person if we can find way to make good impression/relationship, a family who you are dating will definitely open their mind”. Okay, we do have hope now. Let’s see how did we breakthrough this difficulty at next chapter.

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