I got myself a switch 3 weeks back.

It has been on my mind for a year. Not Everyday. Just days leading up to a flight.

I travel a fair bit for work, with flights ranging from 2 hours to 16 hours.

And it’s sometimes better to do something else, other than read a book or watch the movies available on the plane.

Ahead of a 10 hour flight to US last month, I seriously thought of getting a switch in Tokyo, where I was flying from.

I procrastinated, and decided to leave the decision of buying till I am in US. “Perhaps it is cheaper,” I thought.


So I survived 20 hours of flight doing nothing much before popping by a game shop in Tokyo a day after I land.

In Japan, a basic switch costs around 29000 JPY before tax, which is cheaper than the USD$299 is the US. Tax in Japan is around 8% (I may be wrong) while taxes in US depends on state.

So if you are a tourist, buy a switch in Japan. You can get it tax free. It’s probably the cheapest place you can get a switch.

The device is region free and supports English and other languages too, so no worries on that.

Game shops in Japan are cool. It is a gaming country. It is the home of Switch and PS4. They have tons of games, packed in Japanese language cases, good for collection. They have tons of accessories too. It’s a gamers heaven.

Most shops accept buy back too, so you can sell your old games to them for cash. If you are not into collecting games, buy a second hand game, play it, and sell it back to them. The amount you end up paying is probably $20-30, a decent cost for entertainment if the game lasts you for a month.

I was tempted by the special Pokémon version of the switch, with Eevee / Pikachu themed controller and back case design. It comes pre-installed with Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee and the Pokeball to play the game on your TV. It costs around USD$100 more.

I didn’t, figuring that I don’t need the pokeball, and probably can do the second hand / sell back method to enjoy the game.

At times, I wondered if I should just pay to get the special edition though.

Oh, the pokeball gives you access to Mew, that’s probably the only way you can get Mew in Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee.

Game shops in Japan sells other cool stuff too. Games for PS4, PS3, DS, old games, DVDs, mobile phones etc. If you pop by certain shops in Akihabara, you can get retro games from older consoles too. And also plush toys. Like I said, the country is heaven for gamers.

So what games did I get?


Duh. It launched together with Switch and is often rated as the best game on Switch on gaming sites. I seldom play such RPG games, figuring that it takes too much of my time. But I just I should give it a go. Well, it entertained me for 5+ hours, before I decided that it will take me much more time to get any progress. It was a second hand version and I sold it back to the shop. Good value for money though.

Mario Kart

You just have to get this. A great party game. Playing it yourself is kind of boring, but with a friend, it is epic.

Smash Bros

I have always been a Playstation guy, so I got this to find out what the fuss was about. For the first 2 hours, I have no clue as to what I was doing. I keep falling off and dying. Opponents don’t die even though they are at 100% damage? Whut.

I was almost ready to trade it back to the shop, but then I did a quick Google Search, learnt about the mechanics, and now am starting to love it. It is a good game for solo and party.

So basically, for the uninitiated, you win either by sending your opponent flying off the stage, or by KO-ing them. The damage meter basically means the distance that they will fly upon taking a hit from you. 200% means that the poor character will fly twice as much as compared to when he is at 100% damage. So when your opponent is at 100%, try to get the character towards the edge of the map, and get a strong hit on him/her/it/whatever the characters are and send them flying.

Be careful though, the map dynamically changes so all of a sudden, the ground will break apart and you will fall to your death.

Each character plays differently, which I suppose is what makes the game cool. Heavier players can KO opponent easily, are harder to launch off the stage, but are also harder to get back onto the stage after being sent flying.

You start off with a few characters and need to play the game’s various modes to gradually unlock all. I am still trying to unlock Ryu. Have not been able to defeat him in the special challenge battle.

Wow that’s a pretty long write-up for a game I almost sold.

Let’s Go Pikachu

Got this game for nostalgia. I only played Pokémon blue so it’s cool to get into the world again, enjoy the music, and experience the reimagination of a game that hooked the world.

Super Mario Deluxe

This is a game for Wii U, repackaged and released for switch on 11 Jan 2019. Again, as a Playstation guy, I never played a platform Super Mario game much since my old black and white Gameboy died, so this is cool for some colourful and casual fun. And it’s a great party game too. They have simpler characters (easier to control/ immune to enemy) that friends new to the Super Mario world can use to progress with you in the Mario world.

In the space of a month, I have probably bought more games for switch than I did for my PS3 and PS4. I only play FIFA on Playstation.

Initially, the idea of switch came up as I wanted to get my FIFA fix on the go. But FIFA on switch had a pretty bad review, and it seems lame to have the same game on 2 separate consoles, so no go for me.

Another game I thought of getting was Dynasty Warrior 8. Probably not anymore, as it will be way way cooler to have the dialogue in Mandarin, and I don’t think they have the option.

One game I am really looking forward to is Ace Attorney, coming out in February. I played a few cases of that on a friend’s DS a few years back, so it will be cool to get back into that.

Marvel Alliance, with a TBC launch date sounds exciting too.

So yea. Whichever console you own, whichever games you are playing now or are planning to get, enjoy!

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